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Wedding themes are also a nice way to set apart your wedding reception and ceremony from the usual, as well as a nice gateway to showcase your creativity. The usual boring and stressful planning becomes all the more interesting with a wedding theme incorporated! There are themes available from medieval wedding themes to western themes, from seasonal to festive, from masquerade themes to a sports one!A theme in which you incorporate the season - be it winter, summer, spring, or autumn is known as a seasonal wedding theme. The festive ones include Christmas, Fourth of July, and even the Kentucky Derby! I heard of a case when a bridesmaid forgot all about the box and left. It was stolen with about S$30,000 of cash in it!Wedding Favors:Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception.Corsages:Just in case you do not know what a corsage is, it is a flower accessory tied around the wrist of bridesmaids during wedding. Please get corsages that suit your wedding theme and let your bridesmaids know the color theme too. Filled butter cream, maple syrup, whipped cream, and chocolate truffle, the wedding cake moistens and melts in your mouth.Surround the wedding cake with hand sculpted fondant flowers, vines, and leaves. You can even decide on medieval themes or western ones if you love country music or cowboys.A color contrast of the flowers and the dresses could make the bridesmaids feel awkward.Ang Pow Box:An Ang Pow Box is a box to contain the many red packets that friends and relatives will be giving just before the wedding dinner. My colleague was very kind to do one for me but it ended up to be quite nice. Another colleague lent me hers and it had a nice ribboon on top of the box.I think things to note for an Ang Pow Box is that it must be big enough to contain all the red packets. And it must be taken care by someone who is very responsible and realiable. I intended to make my very own Ang Pow Box for my wedding but I realised I didn't have time. The battle of colors speak gorgeous summer wedding.Wedding favors are those small gifts which are given as gesticulates of discernment or appreciation to the guests from the bride and groom's side at the time of the wedding ceremony. The young tree grows with the marriage life. Bermuda comprises of Islands which are located northeast of Miami, Florida.Mixing the butter, chocolate, liquor, pecans, and berries, the baker creates an enchanting flavor a mile away. Then, the baker paints the sculpted fondant with blue. The wedding cake looks like an elegant ceramic china for a great fall wedding. 新娘化妝 Bridal Makeup banila co etude house Innisfree